Lab Members

Holly Jones

Lab Members
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Associate Professor


PhD Student (Based at University of Tasmania; co-advised by Justine Shaw, Rowan Trebilco, and Mark Hindell)

PhD Candidate


PhD Candidate


MSc Student

Lab Technician

Community Assembly in Prairie Ecosystem Restoration (CAPER)


PhD Student

MSc Student

Bumble bee resource use in early spring


Lab Manager; Experience for Post-Baccalaureate Student

Community Assembly in Prairie Ecosystem Restoration (CAPER)

Lab alumni

Antonio Del Vallé (MSc '22): Research Coordinator, The Morton Arboretum

Pete Guiden (Post-doctoral Fellow '21): Assistant Professor, Hamilton College

John Vanek (PhD '20; Post-doctoral Fellow '21): Zoologist, New York Natural Heritage Program

Christy Wails (PhD '21): Post-doctoral Fellow, Virginia Tech

Wieteke Holthuijzen (MSc '21): PhD Student, University of Tennessee - Knoxville

Heather Herakovich (MSc '15, PhD '19): Executive Director, Franklin Creek Conservation Association

Lyndsay Rankin (PhD '19): Wildlife Biologist, Colorado State University and the Center for Environmental Management of Military Lands

Angelica Bautista (BSc '20): PhD Student, University of Madison, Wisconsin

Sarah Naughton (BSc): Transferred to University of Illinois

Peyton Whiston (BIOS '19): Medical Student, Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine

Danielle Doll (ENVS '19): Research technician, Medicino Redwood Company

Ryan Blackburn (ENVS '16, MSc '18): PhD Student, Northern Arizona University

Kirstie Savage (MSc '18): Instructor, Georgia State University Perimeter College

Jeff Heise (BSc '18): Lab Technician, Founders Brewing

Maria Weston (BSc '17): MSc Student, Grand Valley State University

Angela Burke (MSc '16): Conservation/Volunteer Coordinator at The Nature Conservancy
Stephanie Kong (MSc '16): Project Director, Elephants for Africa
Jessica Fliginger (ENVS '16): Restoration Technician, Northern Illinois University
Alyse Olson (ENVS '15): Environmental resource specialist for WBK Engineering

Little (but mighty) Lab Members


Adalie and Aliana

(Mom Dr. Jones)

Floofy Lab Members


Polar (Dr. Jones)

Squirrel and rabbit body mechanics


Mira (Tony)

Limnologist studying how eutrophication impacts the ability to have a heckin good time


Vidy (Tony)

Community composition of arthropods within the home


Maury (Jesse)

Philosophy of edible food as a concept